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Our studio team is here for you!

We understand that every project varies from the next. Let us know your time-frame and budget and we will provide a customized estimate for your recording.

Our services include:

  • Recording 

  • Location recording - Hi-End 16 channels, possible DSD, DXD  with Merging HAPI

  • Production

  • Editing, Mixing and Mastering

  • Session musicians – Guitars, bass, drums, cello, violin, piano, vocalists… and many more!

  • Jingles and song composition

  • Vocal coaching

  • Movie music composition

  • Audio Books

  • Sound Logos

  • Radio & Television Advertising Audio

  • Radio spots

  • Help with accommodation arrangements for interstate & international clients

  • Photography services (in Studio and on location) – available through Grovestudio


Boris Carloff

Boris Carloff is the owner of the studio, one of the most famous Czech producers, engineers and composers.He has two Czech Grammies and one Czech Mercury Prize. Boris worked on many projects, with many genres, from contemporary pop, rock to jazz or country. Boris is also teaching technique and sound engineering at schools and in the workshops. His passion for studio gear and especially german microphones is well known. He is also programming his own plugins as a part of Soundevice digital plugins. More at and www.


Igor Ochepovski

Igor Ochepovsky is a Ural native, guitarist, composer and producer. He has lived in Prague since 2010. He studied jazz guitar and classical composition at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. He is the founder and frontman of the music project Ochepovsky Project, he also works as a session musician. As a producer, he collaborates with Gabriela Heclová, Klára Vytisková, Ewa Farna, ILÆY, Anna Julia Slováčková or Vesná. Among other things, he composes stage music (Losers Cirque Company) and teaches music production.


Adam B.jpeg
Adam Pakosta

Adam Pakosta is a sound engineer with ten years of experience. During that time he worked on dozens of recordings from spoken word, classical music, through jazz, pop to punk or metal. He also studied violin at the Prague Conservatory. Thanks to that, he knows the microphone both from the position of a sound engineer and from the position of a musician. He loves good coffee and his speciality is creating a creative and relaxed atmosphere during recording. Few people know about him that he goes to the "hearing gym" every day.  In addition to recording, mixing and mastering, he also enjoys teaching young sound engineers, because he started in the studio himself as a "teaboy" without any experience in the sound engineering.


Lukas Kostka

Lukas Kostka is a producer, musician and frontman of the indie-pop band Sergeant Jammer. He graduated at the Prague Secondary School of Music and currently studies Arts management at the Prague University of Economics. In producing and songwriting he focuses especially on indie music. Experience gained from managing his band Sergeant Jammer, with which he performes on the European scene Lukas uses in new music projects in similar genre areas. He cooperated on records of Jan Smigmator, Honza Krizek or Ondrej Fencl.


Lukas Chromek

Lukáš Chromek is one of the most prized young Czech guitarists. But he is also one of the most succesful Czech producers, and also the first engineer in our studio.He owns his small producing room, but stil likes to be in our studio,

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